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A still photographic image is a second of time that can last a lifetime and instantly refresh a fading memory. These photos are snippits of time in the areas I find interesting, each in a different way and each with a different mood. Each presents it’s own challenge to lighting, composition, and subject. My intent as a photographer is to explore as wide a range of technique and subject matter as possible and not pigeon-hole myself.

After years of film photograhy as a hobbyist, I have switched professionally to digital. For me, this technology provides the opportunity to spend more time on the creative process, more efficient in-camera editing and less labor on the processing and production end.

PLEASE NOTE! ALL photographs are the copyright property of John Walker. Any downloading/reproduction/copying by any means is prohibited by law without the written permission of John Walker.

If you have any problems viewing or ordering prints, Please contact me.

Thanks for visiting my galleries and I hope you enjoy the images.

Contact Info:
Phone, (269) 353-6966
Cell, (269) 720-0107
E-Mail, johnw9231@gmail.com

John Walker

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